Monday, December 17, 2007

i can't drive.

I want to drive!

Too bad I can't drive. :(
I always depends on people and never can do anything by my self because I can't drive. My parents are busy but until now, they still can drives me to my campus and pick me up anywhere I ask them.

But they are too tired now. Because of that, they give me this warning. If in January I still cannot drives my self, they wouldn't drives me and pick me up anymore. WHAT THE??? And if I need to go anywhere, I have to call the taxy and pay it with my own money. WTF!!!

So please please please Dear Mimit, go and find somebody who can teach you driving! Immediately!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

million dollar baby.

My mother told me before, she wouldn't watch this movie ever again. She said, "the story turned my mood down. It's a sad story."

But I'm confident enough. I think my mood at that time was on the top. Im not scared to be sad because of the movie. So that's why I watched it.

My mother was right. This movie can turn the mood down, eventho your mood is on the top. Damn, I could't resist it. Too much tears.

One of the sadest but best scene in the movie it was when Frankie Dunn kissed Maggie Fitzgerald and said "Mo cuishle means My Darling, My Blood". So I cry. :(

Just like Ebert & Roeper, Two Thumbs Up for Million Dollar Baby.

Btw, I'm too late to watch this movie :(

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

is that boobies???

Last night I have this HOT CONVERSATION with my friend, Thika. The hot conversation is about, Tommy Lee. We scream about him, we envy Pamela Anderson and Kimberly Steward for him, we pray to God so that we can dream about him, we are just too in love with TOMMY LEE.

So because of that, we search his pictures in Google, until I found this bizzare picture.

Is that boobies or butt? Can anyone tell me?

Is not just that tho. The way she stares, I think she's talking and smiling to NOBODY!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

japanese fever.

*Hajimemashite ;)

Yesterday was my first time attending Japanese Language Course. It was much more fun, than any other courses I have attended. This is because I do it with my best friends ever, Nina, Boder, and Rico.

Well for the very first time class, we only learn how to introduce our self.
So let me introduce myself here :P

Watashiwa Mimit desu!
Doozo yoro shiku :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

high school.

This morning, when everything was boring, I found this picture. This is a picture for my class' high school year book. It reminds me how I spend my time for this picture. I designed it and I love it. It represent my class very much.



This pic dedicated to my classmates.
I love you always and always my friends.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


*Elton John is gay but he only has one husband to love. Lets clap!

Couple days ago, one of my friend confessed to me that he's a gay. Thank you very much for your trust. I will always try my best to make you proud of yourself. :)

Then I thought about this. Why should we be ashame if we're gay? Being gay is OKAY. The feeling in loving the same sex is just fine! It is from our God anyway. Its not a sin. Don't even care about it is normal or not. Loving or sex is not about that, but it's about how we do it.

I believe I'm normal if I'm gay, but I believe I'm not normal if I'm not gay but I did sex with many guys. What I mean here is, if you are gay, but you only did sex with one person you love, then I guess that is normal. Meanwhile, if you aren't gay, but you did sex with many guys/girls, then I guess you are just the same as a dog. You aren't normal.

So please, try not to judge people if you don't know anything about them. No one is better than others. We are just the same. And I think someone's sin is not our business to talk about. It is God's business.

Okay then, lets start to proud of ourself! Yihaaaw!

Monday, November 26, 2007

i don't get it.

*The girl on the picture is not her.

My friends told me about this girl. She's a liar, a bitch, a vegetarian-wannabe, and a stupid-girl-that-thinks-she's-smart. That's what people said about her to me. Alot of people hate her, and I don't. Why should I hate her if she did nothing to me?

But then she did something, and I think it means I HAVE TO HATE HER TOO. Oh well. She's the one who gave me that offer.

What a joke! Last nite when I was online on my Yahoo Messenger, someone who hates her told me about how pathetic her english is. She tried to write in english in her web profile, but it turn out PATHETIC. It's not a big problem if we cannot talk or write in english properly. It's not our language anyway. But should you be arrogant writting in english but in the end it turn out PATHETIC?

She said,
" I dont do "bestfriend" stuff..coz i never can deal wif that "cross my heart hopes to die i will always b there for u" stuff.coz i know no one can do that thing to me. hahaaa!~ (esp for the grrl,uh i really do NOT INTEREST in having a group of brainless grrl friend). "

Now, who's the one who got no brain?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

jakarta is stressing me.

I think I will be die soon if I live in Jakarta. I mean this place is like hell. Too many rubbish everywhere, the streets are broken, children begging money on the street, and the worse one is, theres a huge gap between rich and poor.

You can imagine, right beside this fancy hotel called HYATT, theres alot of poor people live in a rookery. Alot of people who willing to do anything to eat, meanwhile people inside HYATT are willing to spend alot of their money for one nite.

DAMN Jakarta. How can we live in the place like that? I prefer to go home rite away, here in Jogja.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my office.

Last nite I got the weirdess dream I ever have. I hate that dream. It was disgusting! What am I thinking??? How could I dream those things? Yikes!

Anyway, my boss' secretary, Mbak Tutik, asked me to be in the office today. My job is an assistant for my lecture, Ibu Sri Adiningsih. That is why this morning, I went here, to my office, that located in my campus, Economic Faculty UGM. My office is just perfect. There is an air conditioning, dispencer, many snacks, 3 active phones, 3 computers with 24 hours internet active, free printer (that I can use for my homeworks), and many economic books! The place is just to good to be true. Its cool and quiet. Ahhh... God must loves me very much.

But the thing is, many gossips around the campus told me that theres a ghost infront of my office named Mbak Yayuk. So eventho I love to be in my office, I cannot be here over 3 PM cuz it will scares me so!

Ok then, enough for now. Many friends are active and chat with me in my Yahoo Messenger. Well, enjoy the day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the wedding.

Last week was my cousins wedding week. The wedding schedule was exhausting! I have to walk with this high heels thing, put some heavy make-ups on, wear traditional costume, babysitting my 5-11 years old cousins, and eat loads of calories! DAMN!

Oh well, this is for my beloved cousins anyway. Selamat menempuh hidup baru, Mbak Tina. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

nina's birthday.

2 days ago (23rd October 2007) was Nina's 19th birthday. 2 days before that (21st October 2007), I was in the middle in trying to go to sleep, when I just realized, I should give her something memorable. So I got this idea, making a birthday cake for her. Birthday cake that looks like a home-made-cake with a messy messy look. I also got this idea, making a book that called "19 Things About Nina" and buy a pretty dress for her gift. But everything aren't went well. I lost my cellphone in the supermarket when I bought the cake's ingredient (eventho I found it then, this experience was shocking me!). I dont have any time to make the "19 Things About Nina" book (damn!). Me and my brother, Mas Herman (who is an expert in cooking) forgot the cake's receipe. Is it 500gr or 100gr of flour? Ah what a pathetic. And the worse thing is, I dont have any money to buy the pretty dress for Nina. :(

So when I finished making the cake at 02.00 AM in the morning, and try to go to sleep, I felt very sad. I cannot finished all of my plan, the book and the dress. I only made her a birthday cake, which is very simple. So my mom told me, I dont have to give her all the surprises in 1 day. I could give her the bday cake in her bday, then give her the book in the next day, and also the next day for the dress. It means that, I can surprise her in 3 days. GOOD IDEA MOM! THANKS!

After I kiss my mom, and go to sleep, I realized, if I do something special in someone birthday, it means that someone is a special person in my life. My Mom, My Brother, and My Ex-bf, are the persons who always get surprises from me in their birthday. That means, Nina is a special person for my life. She's the one who always cheers me up, always reminds me my schedule, always teach me many things, always drive me home, always bought me delicious foods, she's my bestfriend I ever had.

Happy Birthday Nina :)
Wait my other surprises.

Saturday, October 20, 2007



I have so many thoughts and I often wish to share it with people who are interested on the same subject.

The problem is, telling stories face to face, isn't the best way to share thoughts. This because 1st, not everyone have the same interest; and second, not everyone have the same time to listen and argue in face to face.

However, when you tell stories using words and sentences, people who have free time and interested in your stories would sit and spent their time reading your thoughts. Thats why, starting now, I sit and spent my time to write this blog.