Wednesday, November 28, 2007


*Elton John is gay but he only has one husband to love. Lets clap!

Couple days ago, one of my friend confessed to me that he's a gay. Thank you very much for your trust. I will always try my best to make you proud of yourself. :)

Then I thought about this. Why should we be ashame if we're gay? Being gay is OKAY. The feeling in loving the same sex is just fine! It is from our God anyway. Its not a sin. Don't even care about it is normal or not. Loving or sex is not about that, but it's about how we do it.

I believe I'm normal if I'm gay, but I believe I'm not normal if I'm not gay but I did sex with many guys. What I mean here is, if you are gay, but you only did sex with one person you love, then I guess that is normal. Meanwhile, if you aren't gay, but you did sex with many guys/girls, then I guess you are just the same as a dog. You aren't normal.

So please, try not to judge people if you don't know anything about them. No one is better than others. We are just the same. And I think someone's sin is not our business to talk about. It is God's business.

Okay then, lets start to proud of ourself! Yihaaaw!

Monday, November 26, 2007

i don't get it.

*The girl on the picture is not her.

My friends told me about this girl. She's a liar, a bitch, a vegetarian-wannabe, and a stupid-girl-that-thinks-she's-smart. That's what people said about her to me. Alot of people hate her, and I don't. Why should I hate her if she did nothing to me?

But then she did something, and I think it means I HAVE TO HATE HER TOO. Oh well. She's the one who gave me that offer.

What a joke! Last nite when I was online on my Yahoo Messenger, someone who hates her told me about how pathetic her english is. She tried to write in english in her web profile, but it turn out PATHETIC. It's not a big problem if we cannot talk or write in english properly. It's not our language anyway. But should you be arrogant writting in english but in the end it turn out PATHETIC?

She said,
" I dont do "bestfriend" stuff..coz i never can deal wif that "cross my heart hopes to die i will always b there for u" stuff.coz i know no one can do that thing to me. hahaaa!~ (esp for the grrl,uh i really do NOT INTEREST in having a group of brainless grrl friend). "

Now, who's the one who got no brain?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

jakarta is stressing me.

I think I will be die soon if I live in Jakarta. I mean this place is like hell. Too many rubbish everywhere, the streets are broken, children begging money on the street, and the worse one is, theres a huge gap between rich and poor.

You can imagine, right beside this fancy hotel called HYATT, theres alot of poor people live in a rookery. Alot of people who willing to do anything to eat, meanwhile people inside HYATT are willing to spend alot of their money for one nite.

DAMN Jakarta. How can we live in the place like that? I prefer to go home rite away, here in Jogja.