Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my office.

Last nite I got the weirdess dream I ever have. I hate that dream. It was disgusting! What am I thinking??? How could I dream those things? Yikes!

Anyway, my boss' secretary, Mbak Tutik, asked me to be in the office today. My job is an assistant for my lecture, Ibu Sri Adiningsih. That is why this morning, I went here, to my office, that located in my campus, Economic Faculty UGM. My office is just perfect. There is an air conditioning, dispencer, many snacks, 3 active phones, 3 computers with 24 hours internet active, free printer (that I can use for my homeworks), and many economic books! The place is just to good to be true. Its cool and quiet. Ahhh... God must loves me very much.

But the thing is, many gossips around the campus told me that theres a ghost infront of my office named Mbak Yayuk. So eventho I love to be in my office, I cannot be here over 3 PM cuz it will scares me so!

Ok then, enough for now. Many friends are active and chat with me in my Yahoo Messenger. Well, enjoy the day.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the wedding.

Last week was my cousins wedding week. The wedding schedule was exhausting! I have to walk with this high heels thing, put some heavy make-ups on, wear traditional costume, babysitting my 5-11 years old cousins, and eat loads of calories! DAMN!

Oh well, this is for my beloved cousins anyway. Selamat menempuh hidup baru, Mbak Tina. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

nina's birthday.

2 days ago (23rd October 2007) was Nina's 19th birthday. 2 days before that (21st October 2007), I was in the middle in trying to go to sleep, when I just realized, I should give her something memorable. So I got this idea, making a birthday cake for her. Birthday cake that looks like a home-made-cake with a messy messy look. I also got this idea, making a book that called "19 Things About Nina" and buy a pretty dress for her gift. But everything aren't went well. I lost my cellphone in the supermarket when I bought the cake's ingredient (eventho I found it then, this experience was shocking me!). I dont have any time to make the "19 Things About Nina" book (damn!). Me and my brother, Mas Herman (who is an expert in cooking) forgot the cake's receipe. Is it 500gr or 100gr of flour? Ah what a pathetic. And the worse thing is, I dont have any money to buy the pretty dress for Nina. :(

So when I finished making the cake at 02.00 AM in the morning, and try to go to sleep, I felt very sad. I cannot finished all of my plan, the book and the dress. I only made her a birthday cake, which is very simple. So my mom told me, I dont have to give her all the surprises in 1 day. I could give her the bday cake in her bday, then give her the book in the next day, and also the next day for the dress. It means that, I can surprise her in 3 days. GOOD IDEA MOM! THANKS!

After I kiss my mom, and go to sleep, I realized, if I do something special in someone birthday, it means that someone is a special person in my life. My Mom, My Brother, and My Ex-bf, are the persons who always get surprises from me in their birthday. That means, Nina is a special person for my life. She's the one who always cheers me up, always reminds me my schedule, always teach me many things, always drive me home, always bought me delicious foods, she's my bestfriend I ever had.

Happy Birthday Nina :)
Wait my other surprises.

Saturday, October 20, 2007



I have so many thoughts and I often wish to share it with people who are interested on the same subject.

The problem is, telling stories face to face, isn't the best way to share thoughts. This because 1st, not everyone have the same interest; and second, not everyone have the same time to listen and argue in face to face.

However, when you tell stories using words and sentences, people who have free time and interested in your stories would sit and spent their time reading your thoughts. Thats why, starting now, I sit and spent my time to write this blog.