Monday, December 17, 2007

i can't drive.

I want to drive!

Too bad I can't drive. :(
I always depends on people and never can do anything by my self because I can't drive. My parents are busy but until now, they still can drives me to my campus and pick me up anywhere I ask them.

But they are too tired now. Because of that, they give me this warning. If in January I still cannot drives my self, they wouldn't drives me and pick me up anymore. WHAT THE??? And if I need to go anywhere, I have to call the taxy and pay it with my own money. WTF!!!

So please please please Dear Mimit, go and find somebody who can teach you driving! Immediately!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

million dollar baby.

My mother told me before, she wouldn't watch this movie ever again. She said, "the story turned my mood down. It's a sad story."

But I'm confident enough. I think my mood at that time was on the top. Im not scared to be sad because of the movie. So that's why I watched it.

My mother was right. This movie can turn the mood down, eventho your mood is on the top. Damn, I could't resist it. Too much tears.

One of the sadest but best scene in the movie it was when Frankie Dunn kissed Maggie Fitzgerald and said "Mo cuishle means My Darling, My Blood". So I cry. :(

Just like Ebert & Roeper, Two Thumbs Up for Million Dollar Baby.

Btw, I'm too late to watch this movie :(

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

is that boobies???

Last night I have this HOT CONVERSATION with my friend, Thika. The hot conversation is about, Tommy Lee. We scream about him, we envy Pamela Anderson and Kimberly Steward for him, we pray to God so that we can dream about him, we are just too in love with TOMMY LEE.

So because of that, we search his pictures in Google, until I found this bizzare picture.

Is that boobies or butt? Can anyone tell me?

Is not just that tho. The way she stares, I think she's talking and smiling to NOBODY!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

japanese fever.

*Hajimemashite ;)

Yesterday was my first time attending Japanese Language Course. It was much more fun, than any other courses I have attended. This is because I do it with my best friends ever, Nina, Boder, and Rico.

Well for the very first time class, we only learn how to introduce our self.
So let me introduce myself here :P

Watashiwa Mimit desu!
Doozo yoro shiku :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

high school.

This morning, when everything was boring, I found this picture. This is a picture for my class' high school year book. It reminds me how I spend my time for this picture. I designed it and I love it. It represent my class very much.



This pic dedicated to my classmates.
I love you always and always my friends.