Friday, May 9, 2008

when we met.

Rain falls, little tiger, and the catlover boy :)

I remember when we met
The weather was so wet
And you were carrying a cat
With a black spot on his head

You were so cute with that sweather
Holding the little "tiger"
Then I knew you are a catlover
That can be mine forever

I wrote this when I was in Junior High School (SLTP N 5 Yogyakarta, 2002). My English teacher, Bu Rini, gave this homework to make a poem to celebrate Valentine's Day. So I wrote this, and dreamt that it would be true. 1 year later, I met that "catlover boy" just like in my poem. Every single word in my poem came true! Amazing right? :)


Herman Saksono said...

nice rhymes, feel good beat, interesting story indeed. loved it.

ParisParis said...

pangeran kucing,hahaha

bapurez said...

dari kcil aja uda romantis.. kalo gua romantis juga si, tapi rokok makan gratis hihihihihi

haga ade wiguna said...

pasti itu pria yang membantumu sewaktu kau dipermainkan anak yang lain,,,tapi malah kau meninggalkannya...hahahah...sungguh pria malang...