Thursday, May 22, 2008

are we really awake?

too weak to wake-up.

I felt disappointed by the news on every media in this country.

Too much information about the accident that killed an actor, Sophan Sophian, but less information about our two national heroes, Ali Sadikin and S.K Trimurti, who just passed away 2 days ago. Sophan Sophian is a good man (like what I heard on tv), but compared with what did Ali Sadikin and S.K Trimurti have done, Sophan Sophian is nothing. So why these media keep showing how sorry they are to lose an actor (who once ever be a member in DPR) and forgeting about the real national heroes?

Is this what we call "Kebangkitan Bangsa"? Are we really awake? Or we are too weak for that?

I think from now on, I should call this country Ironic.

Well welcome to Ironic, people. Please enjoy the tiresome.


thiiika said...

coz he was a celebrity deh mit kayaknya..

Miss Mimit said...

@ thiiika:
Yeah, Ironic people respect the celebrity more than the national heroes. We are not awake.

Herman Saksono said...

national heroes are celebrities!

but indonesians are simply short-sighted and ignorant, but thinks otherwise.

and thats another definion of ironic.

Miss Mimit said...

@ herman saksono:
Oh damn you're right. I look stupid here. Damn.

What I mean here is "entertainer". Ironic people respect the entertainer more than the national heroes.

M. Rizal said...

Coz people care to person they know mit..

then, to be known by most people, one best alternative is by become a celebrity.

politicians also known, but mostly only in his era.

so, it's the matter of popularity.

than, it's become the matter of business.

Media would generate more money by giving news on Sophan sophian than reporting Ali sadikin/trimurti, since sophan is(ato make was?) more popular. more eyes see the news, more money.

my suggestion, reduce watching infotainment then you'll see less sophan sophian.. hehe..

words my worLds said...


hey mit! aduuh aku seneng nemu temen satu lagi di blogspot!
hehehe,,,mit,, inget ku kan..tetangga di jogja (walah! agak jauh sithik!)
Dimana kau berada sekarang teman?
Blogmu asik! ^^
Btw, about this article,, hmm..
It's ironic for those who realised, for those who doesn't they never feel like it! All we have to do is gave them the right glasses for them to wear and see that their country is in a total chaos!!!

ParisParis said...
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ParisParis said...

I didn't pay attention to his career in the political world. I didn't even know that he was a politician, seriously! Because you are celeb, doesn't mean you can do anything totally unrelated to your field work. Anyway, my deepest condolences to Mr. Sophan's family.

haga ade wiguna said...

small is beautiful mit...

small is the new big...

sorry for his death...that "small" hasn'n grow into the "big" yet...never exactly.

it's too late...

Anonymous said...

If this country is ironic, then we people are iron men?

pawanganjing said...

halo nice blog heheh numpang lewat yak

bapurez said...

sudahlah, nasionalisme itu cuman propaganda, sama aja sama CNN dan buku2 sejarah kita jaman sekolah, its a bull..

(ape hubunganyeeeeeeee, HAHAHAHAHA)