Monday, December 29, 2008

i hate avril lavigne. sorry for the fans.

I really want to wrote these since I was 13. I hate Avril Lavigne with a reason. I ever read this interview from an Indonesian magazine. But then I got the original one from Chart Attack. Here what she said about Britney Spears:

"I mean, the way she dresses — would you walk around the street in a fuckin' bra?" she asks rhetorically. "I'm not trying to dis anyone, but with me, the clothes I wear onstage are the clothes I would wear to school or go shopping. I'm not gonna go up onstage and dress different. Britney Spears goes up onstage and dresses like a showgirl. She's not being herself up there because she's dancing like a ho. Is she ho? She says she's a virgin. Y'know, it's just not clicking. She's doing one thing and saying another thing, y'know? It's definitely not what I'm going to do."

1st. People shouldn't be that care of what other people wear. What we should care is what we said about others. So what if Britney wear bra in supermarket? Did that makes you hurt or die? Did she makes you lost your eye or something? NO. So why should Avril bother with it? It's not her business. She should shut her mouth up.

2nd.If Britney really annoying with what she wear, well Avril is more than that. She hurt other people feelings! What if Britney read her interview? It can break her heart. Maybe Britney really is a ho. But once again: SO WHAT? Avril don't have the right to said that tho. It's not Avril business if Britney is a ho or not.

3rd. And look at this picture. If she said Britney is a ho by showing bra on public places and dresses like a showgirl, well she's another Britney Spears then.

Go to hell Avril. What you hate from other people is what you really are right now.

I love your song. I love your voice. I love your style. I love what you wear. But I hate what you said and how you behave. Too bad, Slut.


Anonymous said...

AvriL tHe beSt 4 eVer,,,,,,


Anonymous said...

Big deal we all say things when we are young and stupid, I bet you have too. Besides Avril was a tomboy when she was young and tomboys are notorious for saying things when they are young and are still trying to figure out who they really are. Additionally, recently Avril has defended Britney because she was being attacked by the press and media. It is time you grew up just like Avril is doing now. How would you like it if I held everything you ever said against you forever?

Miss Mimit said...

To the 2nd Anonymous:

How would I like it if you held everything I ever said against me forever? No problem. Mine mistake. I should face it. What I have said is my responsibility. If Im wrong, I have to deal with it. People doesn't have to forgive me tho.

The different between me and Avril is, I'm nobody and she's a celebrity. What she have said everyone heard. She should think twice if she want to say anything even she just a kid because she's a celebrity. Britney is only wearing nude clothes, but Avril was mocking at other people. Which one is more annoying? Definitely Avril. But now she dress like Britney, so she is twice much more annoying than Britney: her mouth and her clothes are like a slut.

What she have said is a hate. She spread a hate against other musician. What for? Gain more fame?

You said, additionally, recently Avril has defended Britney because she was being attacked by the press and media? Why she have to mock other musician if she was being attacked? Is not a good excuse.

If she said Briney is a ho, well she's a ho in her definition too. I just want to say that.


Anonymous said...

Btw Avril and Britney get along fine now and have been seen out on the town together, so if they are good with each other and have gotten over this, why haven't you? Well it it your choice to never forgive Avril. But you have a double standard, double standards are not fair and are used by people who choose not to forgive other people so they can have their own way. To forgive is devine and it makes you a better person. To not forgive makes you worse than the person you are complaining about. Being stuborn to win an argument is not a good thing, if you want to grow up to be loved and liked by all who are important to you then learn to forgive others and move on quickly and you will be a better person. To do otherwise makes you a bitter and ugly person on the inside. The choice is yours, so who are you going to be?

Miss Mimit said...

To the 2nd Anonymous again:

Yes, it is my right to forgive or not to forgive someone. It's not your right to tell me should I forgive somebody or not. But please, in this case is not about forgiving stuff.

It's about how childish Avril is. When she mocks at Britney (how she dressed), it makes me really mad. Who the hell is she? Why should she mock at other musician? The main problem is: SHE MOCK AT OTHER MUSICIAN. It's not mature at all.

But then it went up side down. She dress like a ho in her own definition. She dress like Britney whom she mock 5 years ago! It's so funny. That's why I like to write it here and let everybody know how childish she is.

And Mr/Mrs-I-Don't-Know-What-Your-Name-Is, what is your main argument exactly?