Thursday, July 3, 2008

my birthday.

I don't do wishes :D

I'm 20. Do I have to be happy? I should. Even I hate to be old, but I thank to God for this 20 point of thanks giving:

1st. I'm 20 but I look like 17 :D

2nd. I'm healty so does everybody who I love.

3th. I still got my crazy but lovable family.

4th. I never lose my old friends. They still remember my birthday. So in my birthday, I can meet my old friends who I rarely talk with, eventho by sms or phone.

5th. I have more and more bestfriends everyday every year.

6th. I do so many things that I even can't believe I already done it.

7th. I met and know many people who can make my life more colorful.

8th. My cats are getting fatter and ugglier and dumber and lovable :)

9th. I earn my own money from my hard work.

10th. I got the best chef and the best catlover ever at my house (Her name is Mbak Rully)

11th. I found so many good music.

12th. I face alot of problems that made me more mature and... ehem... smart? Heheh.

13th. I gain alot of knowledge from what I learn in class and in where ever I stand.

14th. I'm skinnier and prettier. My mom said so. Haha.

15th. More age more surprises!

16th. Everyday I can eat and drink delicious things.

17th. I can sleep tight everynite without worry.

18th. Some of my dream came true :D

19th. I'm not just "still fine like always" but from years to years my life is getting better.

20th. I'm happy, and this is the important thing.

With those 20 things that I have right now, I think I don't need to make any wishes anymore. All I have to do is to feel thank for it. Thanks everybody and thanks God. I love you all more than I love myself :)

Kiss <3


anima said...

Wow, you have a great life! Happy 20th, miss!

Dino said...

happy birthday..

Farrah said...

whoa. happy birthday mba mimit.
taun ini aku juga 20..

Anonymous said...

happy bday mbak...
aq juga 20 bulan ini,

*ga usah ngomentari aq ke-tua-an ya