Sunday, June 29, 2008

realistic relationship.

Cit cuitttt!

I like someone right now, and so does he. Eventho I just met and know him 3 weeks ago, it feels like I know about him for years. We like to be together every single day from day to night. Yea we're a jerk. But it makes us know each other without sacrificing too much time for it.

Well yes, our days are fun. Too much fun. Movies, beach, working, breakfast, lunch, dinner, laughing, karaoke, double date, triple date, riding andong, holding hands, etc. He's the best guy I ever be with. Seriously.

But there's something I have to remember is, someday these will end just like that. I don't know is it him who like somebody else or me, but feelings will end. Then we meet somebody else, getting along with that somebody else, get bored, then meet somebody else again, etc. Don't think that you are always be together or forever have the same feeling with your lover now. Because it's just 40% possible. The 60% is impossible. However, there's a chance we will meet again and realizing that even we are bored, we still need each other to be with.

All I need to say is, I'm happy to be with him right now, but still I gotta be ready that someday this feelings will end. I know this is weird but I just want to think realistic so that I can manage my heart.

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Raras Cynanthia said...

Realistik itu bertentangan dengan karakter daydreamer.
Dan juga, biasanya, susah untuk mentakar porsi yang pas untuk keduanya,
apalagi ketika harus mengatur perasaan menggunakan logika, atau mengatur logika menggunakan perasaan.
Tapi kadang voice within itu berpikir lebih pintar dari logika.
Jadi ketika kamu nyaman, go on with that honey. :)
semua rugi untung yg didapat bakal dr reationship km perlukan untuk pembelajaran ke depannya.
jadi jgn pernah takut.
Thats what u taught me. :)