Saturday, March 29, 2008

lomo: the coolest camera at this very moment.

Me & Lomo.

It's LOMO, my friend!

Ya introduce the coolest camera at this very moment: fisheye 2 white lomo.
You don't have to be a fish to look at the world :P

I have try this thing on. I can't wait to show you guys the pics. The thing is, this camera is manual so we have to print the film to see the result. Well it take about 2 days to print it. So wait for my next post 2 days after this ok! :D

See you on Monday!


bapurez said...

lomo tu mahal gak si? gambarnya2 dong mimit, mau liat2 kualitsnya, my friend suggest me to buy one, but i dont have any clue about it at all, huhuhu

tamboel sadja tjoekoep.. said...

mimit, beli Lomo di jogja bukan?
dimana yang jual yak?
dapet harga berapa?
jangan bilang beli di jakarta,,,,